The biggest athletes in the world are the smallest, and Violeta supports them with the new AIR DRY diapers with air pillows and straps that stretch up to 300% more, in order to adapt to even the most demanding movements.

As your child grows, their needs change, and sometimes that means changing the diapers you use. What worked for your newborn may not work as well now that he’s moving and crawling. If the diaper can’t keep up with all the crawling movements, you could be dealing with a lot more leaks and therefore possible irritations.

Finding the right diaper for your baby who is already active and exploring the world around him may require a little more effort, but the most important thing is that the diaper is comfortable and soft on the skin. And above all, it is necessary to find a diaper that can stay in place regardless of what your child decides to do. Inspired by the commitment of every parent to provide their baby with the best care and care, every decision we make and every step we take in the development of diapers at Violeta aims to ensure that Double Care diapers and wipes are as safe, soft and healthy as possible.

With this in mind, we have prepared a new edition of Double Care diapers.

The new Violeta Double Care diapers are intended for those who go beyond the limits of their bodies every day, those who bravely step into the unknown and fall 100 times a day, to get up 101 times. They are not ashamed to shed a tear, and the only thing they are looking for is a lot of love and a dry butt.

The new, improved Violeta Double Care diapers with the recognizable AIR DRY technology with air pillows offer:

• Maximum softness and breathability. With more movement, there is more friction and more irritation if the baby’s diaper is too rough. That’s why the softness of diapers is a characteristic that moms regularly choose as the most important feature. The surface layer of the Double Care diaper contains more than 700 soft pads that provide a feeling of softness, like on a cloud.

• While your baby is moving, the diaper should stay in place, but not so tight that it causes irritation. Our new flexible belt with straps that stretch up to 300% more, allows the diaper to adapt to a wide variety of movements, and as the baby moves, so do the diapers.

• Elastic bands around the legs will help the diaper stay in place regardless of the body shape or the gymnastics that your child starts doing, without any leaks on the sides.

• Exceptional absorption – once your baby gets moving, he won’t want to stay still very often. A highly absorbent diaper will keep your baby dry and prevent leaks while he explores his world. The soft pads on the surface of Double Care diapers reduce the area of contact with the baby’s skin, so the possibility of irritation is reduced to a minimum.

• Violeta Double Care diapers are tested and approved in Germany, they do not contain parabens, fragrances and elemental chlorine. 10,000+ tests are performed annually to ensure the continuous and guaranteed quality of each package.

• Each Jumbo pack of diapers comes with a GIFT of baby wipes with almond milk.

Wipes with organic almond milk are our best-selling wipes and favorite baby wipes in Croatia. Of all types of milk, almond milk is one of the most nutritionally rich – it is rich in vitamins B6, C, E, but also zinc, which is a typical ingredient in products used to regenerate skin cells. It gently cleans and nourishes the skin, making it smooth and reducing the risks of dehydration.

Every baby is unique, and when they start to move, they can also decide on really unique movements, the ones that seem the most profitable for them at that moment. That’s why we bring a few tips for choosing the right diapers.

• What should be taken into account when buying diapers for babies who are active?

Make sure you choose the right size. Just like baby clothes, sometimes just the size tag isn’t enough. The sizes overlap and this can help accommodate differences in body shape. Every baby is unique, so things like body length and how thin or chubby those little legs are need to be taken into account. And keep in mind that all of these things often change as your child grows.

• When to switch to a larger diaper size?

Often, your first indicator that it’s time to up the number will be a leaky diaper or one that bursts at the waist. When something like this happens for the first time, it may be accidental – maybe the diaper was not in place. But if you feel like you’re cleaning up a lot of clutter, it’s definitely time to go up a size.

Another indication is if your baby has red spots around the thighs after wearing diapers. The elastic around the legs should fit snugly to prevent leakage, but should still stretch enough to not cause skin irritation. If your baby has chubbier legs, you may need to increase the number well before the weight limit. The waist is also a good place for frequent checks. You’ll want to make sure your baby’s diaper comes right below the belly button and provides good coverage above the bum on the back (to prevent leaks on the back).

Now that we have listed all the advantages of our soft and flexible Air Dry diapers, all that remains is for you to enjoy with your baby, let her explore the world and teach her that it is not important how many times you fall, but how many times you get up.

But of course, every fall will be easier if you wait for soft diapers and bravely move forward, like real athletes!