Part of Violeta

Baby wipes specially developed for newborns. Dermatologically approved, with pH adjusted to children and without "black listed" ingredients.

5x filtered water purified by the reverse osmosis process guarantees the cleanliness of the wipes at the medical level, which is why they are adapted to newborn babies.

Formulation with natural and organic extracts. The formula does not contain SLES, alcohol and other silicones.

Dermatologically tested in the French laboratory DermScan, to be 100% safe to use.

The protective cover on our wipes makes them functional to use and prevents them from drying out.

Water Care wipes contain as much as 99% water. Apart from water, other natural ingredient is an extract of Nordic berries, which protects, strengthens and deeply hydrates the skin. Nordic blackberry has 2 times more vitamin C than lemon, and Nordic blackberry seed oil is rich in OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 acids and vitamins A and E.

Bamboo extract is the backbone of the lotion of these wipes, the benefits of which are hidden in the richness of the natural source of the important mineral silicon dioxide, the so-called "force". Natural silica helps the skin maintain the stability of its connective tissue, and it also has an additional anti-inflammatory effect.

Wipes with natural oily ingredients create a protective surface layer on the skin allowing it to hydrate, but without leaving greasy traces. Rice oil is rich in polyunsaturated acids which are antioxidant compounds. It reduces inflammatory processes, slightly hydrates the skin, and is a common choice in case of problems with irritation and redness.