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Premium Cotton diapers

Combination of Air Dry technology and genuine cotton – for safe protection from the first day

Created in cooperation with moms, for moms who like diapers with all “good” ingredients

Manufactured by innovative Air Dry technology. Especially created in order to enable quick absorption and baby’s dry skin

Upper surface made of 100% genuine cotton, soft and gentle for baby skin

No elemental chlorine, formaldehyde, paraben or dioxin

Less than 1% of leaking – tested with the help of 700 moms

Japanese technology reduces the contact of baby’s skin with the diaper surface by minimum 50%, which minimises the possibility of irritation and the skin remains dry longer

The package contains more than 30% of biodegradable materials and this is just the beginning

A free packing of baby wet wipes with 99% of water in each packing

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Air Dry diapers