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A combination of Air Dry technology and real cotton - for safe protection from day one.
Created in collaboration with moms, for children, moms and dads who love diapers with all the "good" ingredients!
Available in sizes:
Newborn 1- for children from 2 to 5 kg
Mini 2- for children from 3 to 6 kg
Midi 3- for children from 4 to 9 kg
Maxi 4- for children from 7 to 16 kg
Junior 5- for children from 11 to 25 kg
Junior plus 6- for children 16+ kg

The surface layer of the diaper contains 100% real cotton, which makes the diaper soft and safe for sensitive baby skin.

Cotton diapers guarantee less than 2% leakage.
Confirmed by 700 moms.

Disposable diapers take an average of 500 years to decompose in the ground, and a child in just the first year of life consumes between 2,500-3,000 diapers.
That’s why our Cotton Premium diapers are made from 30% biodegradable materials and we promise you that this is just the beginning of our sustainable change.

Cotton diapers do not contain harmful ingredients such as Formaldehyde, elemental chlorine and dioxins. Simply put, this means that they do not release contaminants into the baby’s body.

AIR DRY diaper surface treatment technology allows processing in such a way that the top layer is composed of over 700 micropores, which we call bubbles. That’s why Cotton diapers are so soft and gentle.

In each package a gift for customers - favorite baby wipes with 99% water, 20 pcs.