Part of Violeta

Wet toilet paper formulation specially adapted for children. With organic extracts and biodegradable materials.

WATER CARE paper contains as much as 99% water purified by the process of reverse osmosis. The osmotic membranes used in this process have such tiny openings that only pure water molecules can pass through them. In addition to medically pure water, another natural ingredient is Nordic blackberry extract, which protects and strengthens the skin and deeply hydrates it.

KIDS moist paper contains organic marigold flower extract. Marigold is a very effective and healthy herb that is most commonly used in treating skin problems and healing wounds. It is therefore recommended for daily use in combination with dry toilet paper.

Dermatologically tested, PH neutral with hypoallergenic extracts. In addition, they are made of biodegradable materials. Ideal for use in the transition period of diaper weaning, kindergarten or school.

Wet toilet papers are made of bio material and can be freely thrown into the toilet, with a recommendation of up to max.3 sheets at a time.

Protective cover for functional use prevents drying out.