Part of Violeta

Dermatologically safe laundry products for baby clothes.
Harmful chemicals free, for optimal care of baby clothes fibers.
Available in packages:
Softener 900 ml
Detergent 1000 ml and 2700 ml

Softener and detergent are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic and do not contain aggressive chemicals.

The formulation of Double Care detergent is specially created for removing typical stains from children's clothes - chocolate, fruit puree, dairy products, traces of green grass.

The active ingredients penetrate deep into the stain (Deep-Clean Technology), removing it from the fabric and preventing from returning to clothes. The result is bright clothes without the remnants of stains or grayeness. The detergent is suitable for cotton white clothes, but also for dyed and combined fabrics.

The formula with 5 x filtered water and nourishing softening micelles gently but effectively removes typical stains from children's clothes.

Additions of organic almond milk extract and milk protein in fabric softener are well-known friends in baby skin care, and they also affect the fibers of baby clothes - they smooth it and prevent the appearance of lint.