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Baby diapers panties - Our softest diapers so far!
Developed in accordance with the wishes of mothers for their children to use products of the highest standard of safety and quality.
Available in sizes:
Maxi 4- for children from 7 to 14 kg
Junior 5- for children from 11 to 25 kg
Junior plus 6- for children 16+ kg

The new 360 maxi stretch allows maximum mobility and adapts to all demanding movements, from now 75% more elastic, ideal for active children.

3D Air Dry technology absorbs liquid quickly. The channels between the soft pads allow air to flow, which reduces the possibility of irritation and quickly dries the diaper.

Free of harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, elemental chlorine and dioxins. Simply put, this means that they do not release contaminants into the baby’s body.

The humidity indicator will ease worries and show when it’s time to change, changing color from yellow when the diaper is dry to green when the diaper is full.

Easy change with the stripe on the back of the diaper which serves for tidier disposal of used diapers. Yes, we thought of that too!