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The first diapers in Europe produced with innovative Air Dry technology. For gentle protection without leakage, redness and irritation. Available in sizes:
Midi 3- for children from 4 to 9 kg
Maxi 4- for children from 7 to 16 kg
Maxi plus 4 + - for children from 9 to 20 kg
Junior 5- for children from 11 to 25 kg
Junior plus 6- for children 16+ kg

AIR DRY diaper surface treatment technology is a Japanese patented technology. It allows the surface layer to be treated so that it looks like soft bubbles, around which are channels for easier air flow.

They are functionally adapted even to babies on the move. Elastic rubber bands repel fluid and prevent it from protruding from the sides - gently adapting to the anatomy of the baby's body.

Double Care diapers are classified by the SGS COURTRAY laboratory in France as premium class A, which is the highest rating for safety and functionality, for boys and girls.

Due to the special surface layer, the contact of the baby's skin with the diaper itself is reduced by 50%, compared to the usual treatment. This means that the surface of the diaper dries faster and the liquid is distributed evenly over the entire length of the diaper.

In each Jumbo package of AIR DRY diapers there is a gift for customers - baby wipes with organic almond milk, 40 pcs.