What did we do in 2020?

Caring for our customers, colleagues, but also the entire community is one of the core values ​​at Violeta.
We show this deep sense of purpose in our community passionately by actions towards the planet and the people around us, especially towards families and children in order to create a positive social impact, over time.

Thus, in 2020, we continued with the organized program of donations of baby diapers and handkerchiefs to maternity hospitals in the region. The main goal is that in future every newborn baby receives free package of diapers and baby wipes. This is our small contribution for safe growth, development and progress of our children.
This program has been successfully implemented for more than 10 years in BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and part of Slovenia, and next year our goal is to launch the same for Serbia.

Behind the idea is the fact that our hospitals spend generous sums of money annually on baby hygiene supplies, leaving less money to buy other equipment. We are also aware of the fact that today more and more families are facing financial difficulties when the first child arrives.
In the year behind us, we relieved the parents of 52,858 babies of worries about buying first diapers and this way we donated 422,864 diapers and 50,000 packs of baby wipes.

Because after all, what would this big blue-green ball be without children?