Favorite Violeta baby wipes are even better now- improved both outside and inside!

This time represented by a cheerful team: elephant ANTON, goat ROZA, bee JELICA and bunny VJEKO.

Clik on the link to listen and watch this cheerful group: PIŠI, BRIŠI !

Elephant ANTON is the face of baby wipes with organic almond milk.
Of all types of milk, almond is one of the most nutritionally rich types. It is rich in vitamins B6, C, E, but also zinc, which is a typical ingredient in products used to regenerate skin cells.

ROZA is a fan of goat’s milk, which contains as much as 50 percent more vitamin B than cow’s milk and therefore its extremely nutritious, and its pH is similar to the natural pH of the skin, which is very important for baby products. So our wipes with goat’s milk soothe dry skin and help relieve inflammation.

Bee JELICA loves handkerchiefs that smell like honey and chamomile. Chamomile has been proven to soothe irritations, redness and other unpleasant phenomena on the baby’s delicate skin, thanks to the high content of bisabolol. Honey extract is known as an ideal emollient for skin care and protection.

Bunny VJEKO is a fan of cotton. Wipes with cottonseed oil are leave a special feeling of smoothness. Cottonseed oil contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids.