Finally practical care without plastic!

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic end up in our seas. Disposable plastic products are used once or shortly before disposal, and the impacts of such plastic waste on the environment and our health are global and can be drastic.

Of all the most commonly found plastic waste in our seas, the European Union has singled out these products that we use almost every day:
Ear sticks, plastic cutlery, plates and straws, balloons and balloon sticks, food containers, cups and drinking bottles, cigarette butts, bags and wrappers, and wet wipes and sanitary ware.

That’s right- most baby wipes we can find on the market are made of plastic materials.

It is the duty of the responsible bodies to respond to this problem. The European Union wants to become a forerunner in the global fight against marine litter and plastic pollution. One of the answers is the SUP directive on the labeling of disposable plastic products.

So, from July this year, all baby wipes sold on EU markets, and made of plastic materials must have a label – Plastic in product.

The aim of such labeling is to increase consumer awareness of where they dispose of these products and to ensure that they do not end up where they should not.

But the second, higher goal is to promote the transition to a circular economy with innovative and sustainable products and materials.

We at Violeta have understood this as our own duty, and from now on you can find all types of our baby wipes in a 100% biodegradable version.

Caring for the environment and applying the rules of sustainable development is one of the key items of Violeta’s business. Now that we are all witnessing the catastrophic consequences of global climate change, it is incredibly important to enable our children to live nature and be more sustainable.

So we are from 04.07.2021. instead of just labeling how the products contain plastic, we decided to produce and fully Violeta baby maramice .

Favorite Violeta baby maramice are now getting even better in the true sense of the word:

  •  100% biodegradable
  •  free of chemical properties that slow down biodegradation
  •  100% plastic free

Viscose fibers from which the new Violeta baby wipes made from natural plants are made.

– That would mean that when we throw away this handkerchief, it will completely decompose, unlike plastic, which remains as such for millions of years. So if unfortunately, it reaches our seas, it will eventually decompose in nature.

– Handkerchiefs made of full viscose fibers have a light color, soft feeling and it is immediately noticeable that they look smaller in thickness compared to plastic handkerchiefs.

– The material we use is made entirely of natural polymers that are not chemically modified. In case you light new Violet wipes, for example, the material burns 100% and only natural ash remains. Unlike plastic materials, which release harmful smoke and leave harmful ingredients behind.

– In addition to biodegradability, the new material also has improved fluid retention properties, which reduces the risk of drying wipes.

– Soft feeling and excellent hydrophilic properties enable better usability and care provided by natural, plant extracts in our wipes.

You can recognize new wipes without plastic by the green label – BIODEGRADABLE, to make sure that you are part of sustainable change.

Change begins in each of us, so we recycle, we treat waste conscientiously, we choose sustainable products with little impact on the environment.

We can be a real change, not just part of a trend that is being talked about a lot right now.
Because our babies deserve it.